Who is this guy I just met?

Not long after this happened at the WalMart in Parker, CO I heard from two other women of about the same age who had been approached by the same guy with about the same line.

Do not know what his endgame is but he is not the Mr. Right for these women.



Not long ago a recent widow asked me to do a background check on a new Beau. At seventy she felt just a little leery of accepting him at face value.

He met her at the local grocery store and it ended with a couple hour visit at StarBucks and a couple kisses. She found a Facebook page for him and the picture matched. Showed pictures of him with his kids. She just had a vibe that made her want to check.

He told her his name, how old he was, that he had been widowed 12 years ago, that he had kids living in the area, lots of details.

Problems popped immediately when I started to check the details. His phone came back as belonging to someone with the same first name but similar although different last name. Searching the name he gave came back with virtually nothing, on the cell phone owners name a different story.

That story was there was a move 12 years ago to the general area he said he lived (didnt give her his address), there was a record of a woman at that address with the same first nameĀ as his late wife and this other last name but no indication (like the SS death list) that she was late. The kids he had mentioned by first name existed with the different last name attached but they did not appear to live in the area.

So it looks like he told her some truth first name, phone number, how long he had lived in the area, his wifes first name, his kids first names. It just seems the lies were in the details like a living wife, his real name, his real intentions (which remain unknown but certainly seem nefarious).

She decided to cancel going to breakfast with him.

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