Vehicle break ins in Parker and Denver area

The following is from the Parker, CO police Dept.

Public Relations/PIO Josh Hans, Parker Police Department
Weekend Vehicle Trespasses

Throughout the metro area, agencies are seeing an increase in criminal trespasses into vehicles. Over the weekend, 18 vehicles were broken into in the Town of Parker in several different subdivisions. In addition, multiple incidents were reported in Douglas County.

Vehicle trespasses are crimes of opportunity and we need everyone’s help to stop these crimes. Criminals will walk down a street pulling door handles looking for vehicles left unlocked. All of the vehicles that were entered this weekend were unlocked. To further illustrate the importance of locking your doors, one resident had two vehicles parked in the driveway. The vehicle with the unlocked doors was entered; the vehicle with locked doors was not.

There were a variety of items stolen from the vehicles; two garage door openers, a gym bag, vehicle registration and a wallet to name a few. Along with locking your doors, it is important to remove any valuables from your vehicle when parked. Many of the vehicles that were entered over the weekend had nothing stolen.

The victims aren’t to blame in these incidents, the criminals are. However, taking smart steps to avoid becoming a victim helps you and helps the community. These are incredibly tough crimes to solve because there is usually no suspect information. Let’s all pull together, be supportive and educate everyone on what they can do to avoid becoming a victim.

Beyond what the PD suggests – motion sensing flood lights, motion sensing cameras and just plain being aware of your property can go a long way to keeping you out of the victim column. Maybe try one of the new Ring combination motion sensing camera and flood lights. It will alert you on your phone or tablet immediately when it goes off.

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