And Bob’s Your Uncle – How to’s and life lessons

First installment Rebuilding my AMX


This is a landing zone for me to play with and share things I do that I do to sometimes save money or simply avoid buying new stuff by figuring out how to fix, repurpose or build stuff.

Part of it stems from my Mother’s “motto” “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without”.  I have created a Facebook page as well. Who knows if my grand daughters teach me how to use Instagram or tweeter (Yeah, its twitter but to twitter means some thing different than tweeting – so it should have been tweeter).

About the name – And Bob’s your Uncle?  It is British, I am not, at least many generations removed. I first noted it at a web site called Chaos Manor run by author Jerry Pournelle. Science fiction author and early computer guru. It was a blog before blogs existed. And he used it – after he ‘splained it all, “and Bob’s your Uncle.”  I liked it, partly because at times I have been Bob, when I wasn’t Robert or Rob or Robbie, (never Robby or Bobby…?)

I have my grandkids convinced that I can fix anything, can build anything and always have something that can be put to a new purpose. It might include wood or plastic or metal or whatever. Usually includes glue, screws, nails, some kind or saw or other power tools. I can fix lots of things, sometimes permanently, sometimes temporarily, sometimes just for one use.

So I intend to post video of doing some of these things and get to that And Bob’s your Uncle moment.