Concealed carry mom shuts down creepy stalker

Recently I got a call from a potential client wanting to see if I could track the creepy guy who followed her and particularly her young child through a Big 5 sporting goods store. She did notice his behavior changed after she was looking at the defensive ammo for her CCW weapon. The guy kind of lost interest at that point, but she did see that he had parked just two cars from hers and left the store shortly after she did. She got his plate number and wanted to know if I could track the guy. I suggested she give this to the police instead. She called back a little later, since she had left her name and number with the store security, when the guy showed up again, they called the police.

But the point is, he lost interest when he found out the mom was not afraid of guns and quite familiar with them, he might even have heard her tell the clerk the ammo was for her concealed carry gun.  Just one example of how a CCW can be effective even when not taken from concealment.

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